Questions about our services and software? Let us help.

Who can use FA Match?

FA Match is a two-way financial advisor networking platform that is optimized for advisors to connect with RIAs, broker-dealers, OSJs, and other financial services firms. At FA Match, we prioritize high quality matches and find the best solution based on your size/ your team’s size.

What is Advisor Match™?

Our proprietary Advisor Match Technology connects firms and advisors based on mutual compatibility. In addition to matching standard search criteria like AUM, location, and experience, we dig deeper into more sustainable criteria – like long-term equity and growth opportunities, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs, access to cryptocurrency resources, and more.

How does the Advisor Match™ ranking system work?

To make your search process as intuitive as possible, we’ve used a 1-3-star score to rank each match, depending on how many qualifying factors stack up. You won’t ever see a 0-star match; this extra layer of scrutiny eliminates the risk of “spam” and dead-end connections.

How does FA Match get compensated?

We’ve designed FA Match on the basis of “Fit Over Fee.” That means our platform services are always free for financial advisors, and we only collect a fee from firms once the advisor is successfully placed. 

Firms who engage with Recruiting as a Service, our high-touch financial advisor recruitment consulting service, will have a different pay structure depending on the specific services enlisted.

How come I’m not finding any matches?

FA Match works best when advisors and firms complete their profiles in their entirety. If you haven’t yet matched with any firms/advisors that meet your criteria, we encourage you to check back and make sure you’ve completed your profile. Our team of financial advisor agents are always available for a 1-on-1 call to help guide you through the process.

Will my current firm find out I’m searching for a new opportunity?

FA Match was built from the ground-up with discretion top of mind. We understand the sensitivities and risks involved for advisors seeking new firms. That’s why firms will never see your name or any other identifying information until you have both matched and agreed for us to share it.

What is Video Connect?

In a time where human connection is so important, we’ve made it easier for firms and advisors to initiate the first meeting. Once both parties show interest in one another, they’ll have access to our Video Connect feature, which provides them with a secure, virtual meeting room without having to leave the platform, exchange contact information, or coordinate external calendar invites.

Do I have to set up an FA Match profile if I want to engage with Propel or Advisor Agent?

For firms and advisors who want more 1-on-1 guidance, there’s no need to build your own FA Match profile – we’ll do that for you as part of our high-touch, high-tech programs. Please contact us for more questions about these services.